Social media ebbs and flows. It’s fascinating to see how, as time goes on, new platforms appear seemingly out of nowhere. Anyone remember MySpace? Pinterest appeared a few years ago and has shown itself to be an exceptionally valuable tool for brands and marketing. It’s a popular social media platform that has seen significant growth since it launched in 2010. In fact, in the past four years, it moved from a low-revenue tech start-up to a booming company that was valued at roughly $5 billion last May. This platform can—and should be—a crucial part of your internet marketing strategy.

Pinterest as a Marketing ToolWhat we at Top Practices have been discovering is that a well-constructed Pinterest page can be a fantastic promotional tool for podiatry practices. Don’t discount it because of its reputation as a place for recipes and crafts. The site now sees millions of users and currently drives more traffic to websites than Twitter and Google+ combined. What’s more, the main demographic that uses this platform is made up of women between the ages of 19 – 39. This encompasses that crucial demographic podiatrists are trying to reach: women who care about their own foot comfort, and the health and wellness of their families.

You shouldn’t take this for granted. In fact, one of our members, Dr. Andrew Schneider from Houston, Texas, reports that his Pinterest is now one of his top five referral sources to his website. It works so well, often better than other platforms, because this site is fun, easy to use, and not just about bunions, hammertoes, and other foot conditions.

It’s a place to highlight other interests that matter to the people you’re trying to reach. These can be obviously connected to podiatry, like shoes, or touch additional interests, like sports or health tips. Overall, it’s a place to engage with many different, interesting topics that draw people to your Pinterest profile and then on to your website.

It’s really top of the list for you to be thinking about for social media these days.

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