The Benefit #14 of membership in the Top Practices Mastermind Group can be summed up in two simple words - Forward Momentum.  Many of our members tell us that joining the Top Practices Mastermind Group was a pivotal moment for them, helping them to end the frustrations they had with their practice marketing and the way they manage their practices in general.  One of the first steps you will take upon joining the group is a goal-setting exercise that allows you to clearly define your goals for your business and your personal life.  This simple act alone gives you the definiteness of purpose that you need to move your practice forward.  You will find that clarifying your goals gives you a roadmap to where you want to go.  Having that roadmap in place helps keep you moving in the right direction. 

All of the other features of the Top Practice Mastermind Group help you on your way.  You will begin to associate with other positive minded podiatrists and practitioners who have taken the same steps to improving their practices. You will benefit from their successes. Once you implement the Top Practices marketing program you'll begin to see many of the other benefits of membership: more new patients, more free time for you because your practice marketing is running like a well-oiled machine, and the feeling of looking forward to coming to work each day. Membership in the Top Practices Mastermind Group allows you to close the door on past frustrations of marketing and managing your practice and gives you forward momentum towards reaching all of your goals.

Rem Jackson
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