Your practice is one of the biggest investments in your life. You want it to grow and succeed, both so you can help your patients and so you’re able to live the kind of life you want to live. The problem for many doctors, however, is that instead of the practice providing for you so you can live, you feel like you live to provide for your practice. This state leaves physicians burnt out, exhausted, overworked, and dissatisfied. If this sounds familiar to you, you might need practice management help.

Efficient practice management is key to running a great practice. Practice management keeps you organized, uses systems and protocols to make sure everything gets done, and allows much of the inner workings of your office to happen without you. This enables your staff to support you and allows you, the doctor, to focus on your job: helping your patients.

Unfortunately, because most doctors are not trained in owning or managing a business, they’re left learning practice management on the fly—which can be frustrating and costly. Learning practice management skills can help you get on the track to success.

The problem is that many doctors don’t realize when they could use the help. They keep doing what they’re doing, hoping next time it gets better, instead of seeking answers to their problems. There are plenty of clues that hint at the need for help, however:

  • Trouble with OrganizationYou have trouble with organization – Items and documents are often misplaced. You have trouble keeping track of your plans and your staff isn’t sure of all the protocols required to complete their tasks properly, or where things belong.
  • Tasks are being missed or forgotten – Patients and to-dos are falling through the cracks. In the hustle and bustle of the day, important steps in your systems are being missed, wasting time and costing your bottom line.
  • You’re regularly way behind schedule and your staff struggles – You get off track early in the day on most days, so patients are left waiting uncomfortably for long periods of time to get into a room or to see you. Your staff isn’t able to keep up or help you stay on track.
  • You have problems with your staff that you don’t know how to solve – Your staff doesn’t work together, there are lots of miscommunications, they aren’t doing their jobs well or sure of their positions, or any other host of problems.
  • You’re constantly feeling overworked but your practice is struggling – You put in long hours and stay late most days, sacrificing time for yourself or with your family and exhausting yourself in the process. However, you feel like if you don’t do this, your practice will go under.

Recognizing you need help with your practice management is the first step. From there you can look into getting the help you need from experts in the field—like the Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute (VPMI). This program provides you with the tools, coaching, training, and mentoring you need to transform you practice management, and thus your practice as a whole, into the business you’ve always wanted.

If you’re struggling with practice management and wonder if the VPMI program is for you, contact us for more information today! You can e-mail [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679. 
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