1. Send every new patient who makes an appointment three or more days in advance a new patient packet containing: an office brochure, a welcome letter, a magnet, all forms that need to be filled out, and some information about his or her foot problem.

2. If the new patient is coming into the office within three days, send necessary information via email. Direct them to your website, where they can fill out the forms and either email, print, or fax it to you. Have a “welcome” video for introducing your practice to the patient. This is a fantastic way to WOW them, even before they come in.

3. When the patient arrives, make him or her feel special and comfortable. Open your window and greet the patient by name.  Say, “You must be Mr. Sanchez. I’m Vicky. We spoke on the phone. We’ve been expecting you. It is a pleasure to meet you in person.”

4. Then, tell Mr. Sanchez the doctor is looking forward to meeting him. “He will be with you in a few minutes. Won’t you please make yourself comfortable in our welcome area? Would you like something to drink or a snack? The doctor is running on time, so we will be with you shortly.”

5. Escort the patient properly to the examination room. Have the medical assistant address Mr. Sanchez by name. The assistant should introduce herself to the patient and ask the patient how his or her day is going. Make sure they are comfortable in the treatment chair. Give him or her exact instructions and always do it politely.  Do not have the patient wait too long in the treatment room. If there is a delay, let him or her know how much longer before the doctor shows up.  Continue to check on the patient periodically to see if he or she needs anything.

6. If it is truly going to take too long, then give the patient the option to reschedule. This is best before they are being brought back into the treatment room. 

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