Every doctor who wants his or her practice to grow knows this means attracting more patients. You need more potential patients to convert from “potential” to “actual” by making appointments. Your marketing is, of course, the key to making all of this happen. Not all marketing efforts are equal, however—using a free book offer and follow-up campaign is one of the most successful ways to get patients to convert at higher and higher rates. But why on earth do the 18-step campaigns we use at Top Practices work?

Well, they work for a number of different reasons: they provide valuable information at no cost; they maintain contact with your list; and they use multiple mediums over a period of time to connect with people.

1. They provide valuable information at no cost. Books have a high perceived value. They obviously take time and effort to make, and when they are packed full of useful information, people actually read and refer to them rather than throw them out. Just as importantly, the follow-up steps include additional information that’s helpful and not spammy. All of this comes at no cost to the interested person, which makes potential patients more likely to accept the offer.

2. They maintain contact with your list. People forget about you pretty quickly, doctor. If they don’t have the kind of excruciating problem that needs immediate treatment, they’ll move on with their day and forget your name. However, if they “raise a hand” and volunteer their contact information in exchange for a book, the 18-step campaign allows you to stay in contact with that person over the several months he or she spends deciding that making an appointment is worth it. That way, when the time finally comes to take care of their problems, you are the name people think of.

3. They use multiple mediums of a period of time to connect with people. Not everyone consumes information the same way. Some people are married to their phones or computers and prefer electronic content. Others would rather hold a physical copy of something. Some people find it easiest to just pop a CD into a player in their cars and listen to information. Our 18-step campaigns use many different mediums to try to meet people where they are so they receive information in the way they consume it best.

All of these factors work together to create a successful slow-drip campaign that connects with potential patients over many months, coming alongside them as they go through the decision-making process. Done well, the campaign can have a return on investment (ROI) of up to 12% - 30% after 8 months. Considering traditional marketing efforts have a less than 1% ROI, that’s huge.

We fully believe in the effectiveness of the 18-step campaigns, and the results we’ve seen with Top Practices members who use them only confirm that. If you’re interested in a book campaign for your practice contact us by calling (717) 725-2679 or by emailing [email protected].

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