Hey everybody, it's Rem. I'm the CEO of Top Practices and today is my birthday. That's right, on May 10th, 1960, my mother had her first son. And one of only two sons that she had. So, if I was born on May 10th, 1960, you know, that this particular birthday for me happens to be, a landmark, birthday. And one that I've been actually been looking forward to quite a bit.

And you know, it's interesting to have your birthday, especially a big one like this, in the middle of a global pandemic and all that's going on. And this reminder of what's important and what we really value and what we love and what we care about and how we really want to live our lives. And I was just trying to think about my life, you know? So I didn't, I mean, I have very little memory of the 60s. I was there, but I was really small. And so I can remember one funeral with caissons and flag-draped coffins. I think that, you know, I don't think that was John F. Kennedy. I think it might've been Robert F Kennedy's funeral. I have memories of that.

Certainly, I remember Watergate and all that happened there. I remember the Vietnam War. I can remember in 1974 I was at my grandparents kitchen, and they rang the church bells because the war was over. And I remember thinking, that's great, because I really thought that that was somewhere I may have to go, and now the war was over. So I've had all of those memories. I certainly remember, you know, 9/11, we all, well, that's not true. We don't all remember 9/11. But yeah, I really remember 9/11, where I was and of course the financial crisis in 2008. We had just started Top Practices and at that time I had suggested to all of our members, let's opt-out and let's, you know, move forward, which we all did. And you know, everything was fine.

And now here we are at really a watershed time, where a very, very unusual event has occurred. Actually, it's not that unusual in the history of humans. It's actually quite a normal event for this to occur. But of course, you know, it's one of the most significant events in my lifetime. And I can just tell you that this cloud is dark. Let's just make up. Let me make a point real quickly that we've lost so many people in this country and all around the world, and it's been so disruptive and so hard, but there are silver linings that are absolutely everywhere during this time as well. And those are the things that I try to look to. I always try to look to the light and not to the dark, and that has really served me so well.

So I just want to say on this, the occasion, the 60th anniversary of my birth, that I am deeply grateful for the opportunity and the privilege to serve everyone in Top Practices. Everyone that watches our videos and just as impacted by what we do in some way. And I want to thank all of my friends. I want to thank my family for how much you truly, truly enrich my life, especially Diane, my daughters, Emily, Annie, and Iris.

So anyway, hey, wish me Happy Birthday! So, thanks everybody and I hope that your birthday this year is as filled with love as mine.

Stay safe, stay healthy, take care of yourself, take care of each other, and I really do hope I'll talk to you very, very soon. Thank you.

Rem Jackson
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