Hey everybody.

Most of you know Top Practices through our Mastermind Group, our coaching programs on marketing, management, mindset. But one thing that we have really come to understand is that you also need from time to time some help. You need some training on how to use your marketing database. If you use one called Ontraport, which we use, and we happen to be experts at it. And all of the social media platforms, just, you know, where does this go? And how do I make this work?

If you're having those kinds of questions, we offer that kind of training now. So, go to the website information and find out what we're doing. It's led by Michele Beckwith, who happens to be our resident, a 10th degree, black belt Ninja, when it comes to all of these technology platforms. We've got some packages to just help you stop being frustrated and get this stuff working for you.

So, find out more. Love to help.

Rem Jackson
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