Hey Rem, the 1980s called and they want their marketing ideas back. Newsletters. Yes, newsletters. They have been around certainly in medical markets since the 1980s. And you know what? They're still brilliant. They're still an absolutely essential way that you have to use each and every month to stay connected to that group of people who know you, like you, and trust you. That's your patients, your active patients, your inactive patients, your really inactive patients. Anyone that happens to be on your list, that database of people. As I said, know you, who like you, and who trusts you. Now look. The three most important words in marketing are nurture, nurture, nurture.

It's that simple. When you stay connected to and remind people that you care, that you're a doctor, that you're here, they will handsomely reward you with referrals and reactivation. But if you don't, then they will forget you. They'll ask someone if they know a good foot doctor, and they'll get a referral to someone else, possibly.

So, why not? Listen the most successful companies in existence, nurture, nurture, nurture their list. You do that with a newsletter. We produce newsletters. High quality, simple, easy-to-use newsletters that you can email and or send in print or hand out. They are an essential business tool. So, if you think to yourself, I tried that and no one cared, well, that could be. And the reason is you probably sent out a boring newsletter. Boring newsletters don't do anything for anybody. But if it's engaging and interesting and something worthwhile, which is what we know how to do, then it will simply help you build your business. So, give us a call. On the screen, there's a number you can call. You can also email us. There's an email address you can get as well. And we'll help you put it together. We do it every single month for dozens and dozens of doctors. It's easy for us. Hard for you. Let's work together. Talk to you soon.

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