At Top Practices, we really share with you the systems, and the programs, and oftentimes the tools that you need to use to be able to be really successful with your practice marketing. I mean, that involves a marketing database and really all the social media platforms and the schedulers that are used.

And sometimes that can be daunting. And I want you to know, we understand that and we have training. Do you ever say, "I wonder how to use Instagram better?" I mean, just, and not the strategies, that's what we do in the Top Practices Mastermind Group, but the, "What button do I press?" "Where's this thing at?" "How do I actually send emails to my patients?"

Well, we've got you covered our own, Michele Beckwith, is an absolute technology wizard and we can help you. Just send us an email or call the number on the screen. And we'll set you up to talk to Michele about how she can help you just solve these problems. Either teach your staff to do it or actually help you get it done.

So we've got you. Give us a call, send us an email, and we will help you. Promise.

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC