The Top Practices Podiatry Practice Business Solution Mastermind Seminar starts Friday, July 31st at 1 PM in incredible downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. In a true Mastermind format led by our three experts, we will work together with you to solve your biggest practice challenges.

In conjunction with the release of Dr. Peter Wishnie’s new book “The Podiatry Practice Business Solution”, Top Practices presents a one-time Mastermind Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, July 31st and Saturday, August 1st.



Limited to 20 practices. (First Come, First Served)

The purpose of the weekend meeting is to:

• Specifically, attack your issues and design a 90-day action plan that will make 2020 your best year ever

• Enable you to get more done in the next 90 days than most people accomplish in one year (you can do this)

• Overcome any negative thoughts or mindset that is holding you back (we all have some of this and you must identify and conquer yours)

• Watch and contribute as your colleagues and fellow attendees attack their biggest challenges

• Allow you to finally know your practice and your career are working for you instead of you working for it

New! This meeting will also focus on ensuring your practice is bulletproof. That it's prepared for disasters and challenges such as the COVID-19 crisis.

The Seminar continues all day on Saturday. Here are some of the topics that have already been shared with our team that attendees want solutions to so they can move their practice to the next level:

• How do I pay myself exactly what I want to earn?

• Developing an A-Team from hiring to keeping the troops happy for years to come.

• Help: I work with my spouse and it’s not always fun!

• How do I achieve solvency and end my cash flow problems?

• How can I get my staff to collect what’s due at the time of their appointment?

• I hear about knowing my numbers and I don’t really know what numbers I need to know.

• My staff and I experience a lot of stress and I know it is because the office doesn’t run well. How can I even begin to set up protocols and systems?

• I need to gain much more acceptance of all treatment plans I recommend, including cash services. (This is a skill that is increasingly vital for a successful, highly profitable practice now and in the coming future.) I need my associate doctors to develop this skill too.

• How can I know what my staff are really doing while I’m seeing patients?

• If communication is the key then I need help because things are not going well with my manager and associates.

Attendees will leave with a completed workbook “blueprint” with their specific top problems or projects and outlined step-by-step solutions on how to fix or complete them.


Nothing can replace the experience of working in the same room with experts who know the path and other colleagues who are just as eager to become highly successful private practitioners and are all in just like you. You will accomplish more in these two days than you have in the past two years or more.

And we guarantee that. When you come and attend the entire meeting, if for any reason you do not believe you’ve received at least 10 times worth what you spent we will refund your money (all of it) with no tears or fights. It’s no risk to you. We know how significantly this meeting will improve your practice, your career, and your life that we confidently make this guarantee. 


Everyone has challenges that are holding them back. Everyone. Everyone has a vision of what they want their practice, their career, and their lives to look like.

Very few of us are achieving that vision and overcoming the challenges we face. Very Few. In fact, the great Napoleon Hill estimated that to be only 2% of us. Patients always come first and there is no time left for physicians and their staff to even begin to take on projects to make the practice run more efficiently and profitably. You make to-do lists but never get to them and even when you do start a project to improve, you or your staff rarely finish and implement it.

Your practice vision might be to scale your practice to the million-dollar mark and beyond. Or your vision might involve scaling your million-dollar+ practice to 5 million and beyond.

You might be looking for prosperity and a balance in your life and work, and the ability to run your practice without pulling your hair out every night.

You might be searching for the keys to working much more effectively and happily with your spouse or significant other.

Wherever you are in your practice, the tools, the strategies, and the mindset that will take you there are very, very similar. Rem Jackson, Dr. Peter Wishnie, and Tina Del Buono know how to teach you to do it as they have so many others. 



Whatever you believe to be true IS true. Your thoughts control your reality. If you think can’t do it, you are right. If you think can do it, you are also right.

This meeting is for you if you just know that if you were better equipped with the right ideas and knew how to implement them over time, you could actually have a practice that served you and funded your ideal lifestyle.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill



Join Rem Jackson, Dr. Peter Wishnie, and Tina Del Buono in a life-changing Mastermind Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, July 31st and Saturday, August 1st, 2020.

This meeting is designed for doctors who own their practice and attendance at this event will be limited to practice owners only.  With one exception: If your significant other works with you in the practice we encourage you to attend together. And have special pricing for you. 

Registration for the Mastermind Meeting is $2,995 and is non-refundable before the meeting. If, however, you attend the entire meeting and feel you didn’t get significantly more than your money’s worth, you may ask for and receive a 100% refund.

There is one additional exception to the non-refundable policy: If for any reason the meeting is canceled or rescheduled to a later date that does not suit you, Top Practices will refund 100% of your registration fee. 

Couple discount - $2,995 for first attendee and $500 for second registration. Must be true partners in life who also run a practice together. 

The meeting will be held in a state-of-the-art meeting facility in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. Hotel choices and all details will be sent to you when you register. 




In addition, when you register you will also receive these special bonuses.

A 30-minute consultation with a Top Practices coach to help you prepare for the in-person meeting.


A copy of Rem Jackson's book, Podiatry Prosperity - How To Market, Manage, and Love Your Practice


A copy of Dr. Peter Wishnie's new book, The Podiatry Practice Business Solution - Everything You Need to Flourish in Your Podiatry Practice


6-month access to two of our Practice Management Courses designed and delivered by our Top Practices Management Expert