Virtual Practice Management Institute

In the next 12 to 24 months big changes are coming to healthcare. Value Based Medicine is set to replace the fee for service medicine model we now have.

That means more audits, more claim rejections, more cash flow problems, and more fee reductions for not knowing your quality data. 

Doctors need technology, information (data), mentoring, training, and coaching for themselves and their staffs so they can thrive in the podiatric environment that is coming instead of stumbling, faltering and being at the mercy of the payers and the government. And they can thrive! If they know what to do and their staff is trained to do it.

The VPMI Solves Your Problems and Secures Your Future

The Virtual Practice Management Institute, better known as VPMI is an exciting new concept and program brought to you by two companies that are industry leaders in podiatric practice management education.

The Virtual Practice Management Institute (VPMI) combines the robust online curriculum of Top Practices’ physician and staff medical practice management education program, with the unique and innovative Virtual Practice Optimization (VPO) Report Card of Collaborative Practice Solutions.

Through these combined solutions, VPMI is an extremely rewarding curriculum and resource center that provides podiatric practices with the practice management education needed to enrich their practice.

Here is how it works:

The Virtual Practice Optimization Report Card

Practice Management Report Card

All VPMI Gold subscribers have access to their individually customized and innovative monthly data “Report Card” that enlightens them to their practice’s Strengths, Weaknesses, and Missed Opportunities relative to 1500 of their peers. It helps them identify costly under-utilization, or even the more costly potential OVER-utilization…all done securely and confidentially. Nothing like it is available to doctors currently.

  • Are you in need of on-going, cost effective staff and physician management training? 
  • Is your practice missing important forms and documents needed to comply or become efficient?
  • Do you know how your practice’s metrics “stack up” against your peers?
  • Are you under-utilizing key podiatric services compared to your peers?
  • Could you possibly be an “outlier” in a service, which might cause you to be audited?

This Virtual Practice Optimization Report Card is the heart of the Collaborative Practice Solutions technology and information offerings and it is yours each month when you are a Gold member of the Virtual Practice Management Institute.

Armed with this information our practices then have access to:

The Virtual Practice Management Institute

The Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute is designed to empower your staff to become a true A-Team while you focus on medicine. This remarkable, comprehensive program has been designed to cost no more than what one patient per month produces in income for your practice.

For over five years, Top Practices—the leading company in helping podiatrists market and grow their practices—has been teaching doctors how to be better practice leaders and managers. Now with Collaborative Practice Solutions and Dr. John Guiliana, we are rewriting practice management instruction and working directly with your staff.

Here is how the Top Practices Practice Management Institute works

  • Your practice simply becomes a member of the Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute for a low monthly membership fee. 
  • Then, any and all staff members are given access to the Institute’s programs. These include:
  • Regular coaching and mentoring every week by the Top Practices Management Coach Tina Del Buono.
  • Access to the Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Library, which includes full training modules in all aspects of practice management which can be studied and reviewed by your staff (and you) 24/7. Look at the full curriculum here.
  • A special monthly program for the doctors in the practice led by Dr. Peter Wishnie that mentors and coaches you to support your staff, so that they can manage your practice at its optimal level. This is designed to help the busy doctor who doesn’t have much time to learn practice management, but needs to make sure his or her staff is performing like an A-Team.
  • Courses and coaching by Collaborative Practice Solutions Coaches with guidance on your Virtual Practice Optimization  (VPO)Report by Dr. John Guiliana and Dr. Alan Bass.
  • As a member of the Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute, you will be able to learn not only from the experts, but from other practices like you who are solving their problems and succeeding. This is a hallmark of any Top Practices program

Designed by Practice Management Experts for Your Staff

This practice management program has been designed to allow you to get your staff the skills they need from the top trainers and the best run practices in the country, without having to do the teaching, coaching, mentoring, and guiding yourself. All you will need to do is support your team as they learn how to make your practice successful.

The Virtual Practice Management Institute is your answer to a more enjoyable and profitable practice

Virtual Practice Management Institute’s return on investment can be astronomical! Within a few months, podiatrists and their staff are experiencing profound improvements in their cash flow, staff efficiency and happiness, as well as patient satisfaction. Since it’s all performed virtually, it’s COST EFFECTIVE…it’s CONVENIENT…and it’s FUN!

No other educational venue has that capability! 

To learn more about the Virtual Practice Management Institute please call (717) 725-2679 or email us at [email protected]