Is the internet all I need to market my practice?One of the common misconceptions that I hear that people have, after they’ve had a chance to hear me speak at an event, is that the marketing that I’m focused on at Top Practices is related specifically to the Internet. And that is simply not the case. The Internet is one of the most valuable, critical, and absolutely important vehicles that we use for marketing. It’s also one of the places where you can get the quickest gain and really build your practice fast. But it’s not the entire part of the foundation.

In fact, there are four pillars to very good marketing. The first one is good quality, web-based marketing, because that happens to be where people are turning to first to look for answers to their medical and health questions.

The second one is referral-based marketing – I like to call that shoe-leather marketing. That’s making sure that the relationships with the referring business around you are solid and really well constructed.

Third, of course, is internal marketing. That’s making sure you stay connected to your database. Last is external marketing.

So the answer is: No. Everything we do here at Top Practices is not focused on the Internet. But is surely is important. Look through the Mastermind Group application to learn more about marketing along the four pillars to grow your practice.

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