Your book campaign and fully-functional, automated marketing database are tied together. Your book campaign won’t run properly—or at least not efficiently or effectively—without an organized marketing database to help you. The campaign is meant to follow people as they move from looking for answers to their questions about their problems to the point where they make the decision to come into your office for help. It does this by regularly reaching out with informative materials. However, in order for this to work, you have to keep track of not only who has requested your book, but also when they did so and what additional materials you’ve already sent them.

This is where the marketing database comes into play. When a person requests your book through your website, all of their contact information is automatically added to your database list. When they request it from outside sources, you simply add them to your list manually. From there the database takes over the work of tracking them. Your database should send any e-mails in your campaign automatically, and tell you when certain people need physical mail sent to them, as well as exactly what that mail should be. This automates the whole campaign, making it much easier to manage.

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