So you have a free book with a multi-step follow-up campaign and you're ready for it to start connecting you to interested potential patients. You know the campaign will take time as it follows potential patients through the decision-making process of deciding that they want to pursue help for their painful problems. However, one important thing still remains: you have to let people know you have a free book available. If no one knows your book exists, then how can they possibly request it, even if they are interested? This is where promoting your book, particularly online, is extremely important.

You want to promote your book in many ways, including in your office, through referral sources, out at events, and so on. Whatever way you're able to exchange people's contact information for your free book so you can enter them into your marketing database can be beneficial for your campaign. Requesting your book online through your website, however, is one of the most convenient options for both potential patients and you. You want to direct people to your website and your book request forms when you can.

To do this, though, you have to actively promote your book online make it easy for interested current or potential patients to find it.

First and foremost, your free book should be featured prominently on your website. It shouldn't be hidden away under some random menu or on a page that is hard to find. It should have a photo and a link to the request form on your home page. It should be easy to spot and pique visitor's interest. Then, when people click on the book to find out more about it, you should make it clear that this informational tool is completely free and easy to receive.

Social media is the other major tool to help promote your book online. It allows you to connect with your patients where they already are spending their time. Post a quick blurb about the valuable information people can read inside it and add a link to the request form on Facebook! Make a short, easy video about the book that you can add to your YouTube channel! Tweet out the link on your Twitter, or feature it on your LinkedIn! Get creative with sharing your free book offer with your online communities periodically so you can direct them to your website and the book request form.

Promoting your book online is an important step that you can't afford to skip. After all, if no one knows you have a free book offer, much less where to request a copy of your book, this otherwise incredible tool goes entirely to waste. You'll simply be a doctor with a book that no one knows about—which doesn't help you grow your database or increase your new patients.

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