Let me clear something up.

I actually do think it matters who is elected President of the United States, that's why I voted.  There are many facets of our lives that are impacted by the choices we make as a people.


The health of your business, the health of your bottom line doesn't have to be affected at all.  The national environment just isn't relevant in legal or medical practices.  I know my doctors are very worried about Obamacare and its impact on them. It WILL have an impact, but if you are managing and marketing your practice effectively, You just won't care. 

Mitt Romney, no matter what you think about him, was at a distinct disadvantage in this election. He did not have the time or the resources to build his list as President Obama had. A good marketer will win every single time. It is the critical distinction in successful businesses.

So, stop watching the fake news on TV and stop listening to the entertainers on the radio. Take a page from an outstanding marketer. One more thing here:

Barack Obama is not a great marketer, he has great marketers working for him. He doesn't do these things, his people do.  You should learn from this too.  You should be the strategist and producer for your practice, not the Marketer in Chief.  Let smart capable people do that for you.  Connect them to the coaching calls in Top Practices. Let them do the work.

So, stop filling your mind with mud and, instead, enjoy your life.  The next four years aren't going to usher in the apocalypse. The next 12 years aren't either.  Why not enjoy your life?  Kiss your husband or wife. Say something thoughtful to someone.  Forgive someone who doesn't deserve it. Help your fellow man. Stop and smell a couple of roses, then bring them home to your sweetheart.

You are in the business of marketing your practice. Do it like a pro.

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