Ok, now what?

There is a secret to making this all a lot easier. The secret is -write the content once and reuse it many different ways. To be clear, copying content -even your own -will not work. The search engines like Google will see that it is duplicated content and not index it and could well put you on the "bad" list and not index any of your content. You NEVER want to get on the bad list. Never.  There is a wonderful tool that is a very inexpensive program ($9.99/month) that connects all of your social media and repurposes it across all your social media appropriately and easily called Hootsuite. This enables you to post one blog post, for instance, and have it instantly posted to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google +, and many other social media platform.

One of the biggest hurdles, and frustrations, of social media is the number of programs being used by people.  There are hundreds and everyone has a favorite.  It is best to focus on the top tools and let the rest alone.  Here is the first important aspect of my list of tools for podiatry practices:

  • Blogs -The first and most important social media outlet you need to pursue are blogs.  Blogs or "Web Logs" are short form forums in which you "post" interesting and relevant content about foot and ankle health and other interesting content. These are the most important social media tools you have. You should have at least one blog that focuses on specific practice areas such as heel pain, in-grown toenails, or fungal nails. When you post short, specific, and interesting content on your blogs and you use hootsuite to repurpose the content on your other social media properties you create the illusion that you are very active on all social media, when, in fact, you have only posted the content one time.

Stick around for the last blog in this series next week, detailing the rest of the essential tools for dominating your Internet market.

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