You need help to ensure that your practice is healthy and strong

In October, at the Top Practices Summit (and this summer online –more about that in a moment), you will learn what you need to know to stop being one of the frustrated doctors in your area (and profession) and change into one the doctors who knows what they need to be doing to beat all the challenges they face and have a great, satisfying practice, career, and personal life. 

For real.

You know you need this help, but aren’t sure 
what that help should be. You need help in order to know what you and your staff should be doing to market your practice online, in the medical community, and to your existing patient base.

At the Top Practices Summit you will learn the following and more:

  • You will learn exactly how to use the Internet to truly build your practice instead of letting your website collect dust and do nothing for you.
  • You will learn how you can build referrals from sources all around your practice without doing the work yourself.
  • You will learn how to use your own marketing database to build your practice the way you know you should: by good old word-of-mouth - but you will learn how to do it right and automatically.

You should register for the Top Practices Summit if:

  • You are tired of being frustrated with your current efforts to grow and strengthen your practice
  • You’ve tried a lot of things, yet nothing seems to really work
  • You want all the information you need to implement a marketing plan that makes sense and that generates a clear and quantifiable return on your investment
  • You want to instill a culture of growth and high quality “customer service” in your office staff
  • You want to develop a professional plan that will enable you to clearly identify your goals and then focus your full attention on achieving them
  • You are on the way to implementing some of the above, but want to meet with a group of winners and take the time to prepare you and your staff for a BREAK-THROUGH YEAR in 2016

The Big Bonus of Registering for the Top Practices Summit!

When you register for the Top Practice Summit in Denver, CO on October 2, 3, and 4, you also are registering for a Master Class online beginning in June. This summer, Rem Jackson, the CEO of Top Practices, will be preparing participants for the Summit by leading a series of online workshops designed to prepare you to get the absolute most possible out of the event in October.

Participants will participate in a program that will enable them to accomplish the following before they land in Denver:

  1. Have fully written and polished business and personal goals, designed to focus them on their business plan.
  2. Understand where they are the weakest: staffing, financials, reporting, collecting, marketing, leadership, etc.
  3. Use that knowledge to create a detailed and professionally produced Action Plan to attack their deficiencies and correct them.
  4. Understand the key metrics they must know in order to make quality decisions for their practice.
  5. Know exactly how they will put the puzzle pieces together at the Summit to truly change the trajectory of their practice.


This workshop program was piloted before last year’s Summit. It was very successful. This year it will be taken to an entirely new level.  It is also designed to take minimal time to complete the workshop so it is perfect for busy, overworked doctors and office administrators to prepare them for growth and achievement.

The Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit is unique in Podiatry.  See what other attendees have said about their experience as you review this year’s program.  

Register now to save $200 and get prepared for the summer business development workshops!

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