It has almost become cliché to talk about the power of positive thinking. To some it can seem like the new “snake oil”: just think positively about things and you’ll succeed. While that sentiment hits on a grain of truth, it can come off as trite and doesn’t acknowledge the reality of hard work.

Effects of a Positive MindsetSo here’s the truth: a positive mindset really does have the potential to dramatically impact your life and your practice for the better. This doesn’t just mean thinking happy thoughts about your day. It means adopting an attitude that fosters a positive environment throughout your work and life in general.

Positive and negative attitudes have a direct impact on brain responses to situations. A negative mindset focuses on the problem directly in front of you and examines it in a pessimistic light. You automatically assume the worst, whether you’d admit that or not. This closes your mind to possibilities and increases the likelihood that you’ll create a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.

A positive mindset, however, assumes a more optimistic focus and looks for all the ways you might succeed. As a result, it allows you to see possibilities and options when you’re faced with a challenge. Rather than focusing on how difficult something is, you look for many creative potential solutions.

How does this play out in a medical practice? You see it in a lot of different ways. When faced with the changes to reimbursement models, coding and billing requirements, or anything else causing upheaval in the medical world, you can take a negative or a positive mindset. A negative mindset declares the change a disaster and quite possibly the end of your practice. A positive mindset doesn’t dismiss the challenges facing you, but rather looks for the opportunities there to thrive—like seeking out other ways to grow your practice through marketing, adjusting your practice management, and so on.

No one likes a pessimist, and your practice doesn’t either. Learning techniques to cultivate a positive mindset can help you better handle the stress and pressure of owning a private practice. It can even help your health: positive mindsets have been linked to longer lifespans, lower stress, better physical and mental health, and even a lower risk for cardiovascular problems. At Top Practices, we understand the effects a positive mindset can have in your work and personal life. It’s something we discuss in our Mastermind Group. If you’re looking for others in your field who can help you cultivate that positive mindset while offering real solutions to your practice challenges, then the Mastermind Group might be for you. Call (717) 725-2679 or e-mail [email protected] for more information about the group today.

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