It's been my experience that everyone wants an actual Blueprint for success in practicing podiatry. We've always had The Top Practices System, but a "blueprint" is a tall order. I'm finally ready to do it and have decided to launch "The Blueprint" at the Top Practices Summit in Las Vegas this year.

The problem for most podiatrists (actually most professionals) is that they don't have the training to do what is needed to be truly successful in their practices.  They have excellent clinical skills and they enjoy treating and healing their patients immensely, but they have become heavily burdened with the PRACTICE of medicine and the future seems bleak because it is only going to get worse and more complicated for them.
This is just not acceptable to me.  It is a non-negotiable for me.

For the last six years, I have run a laboratory of excellence in practice marketing and management in The Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group.  I know from direct experience that you can grow your practice in double digits.  Top Practices members reported significant increases 17%, 27% even 93% in one practice in 2011.  These practices will be at the Summit in Las Vegas in September.
You see, we have created THE definitive blueprint for success (total success in marketing and business growth while being able to manage and direct that growth), but we have never organized it as a Blueprint before now.  In Las Vegas, on September 21,  22 and 23 we will share it with the attendees of the Top Practices Marketing and Mastermind Summit.

The ENTIRE CONFERENCE (from the opening Session to the final moment) will be designed so that you can return to your practice with the instructions (the CODE) -THE BLUEPRINT you need to realize the promise of owning your own practice or working in a practice with the vision, and the executable plan that is ESSENTIAL to FINALLY achieving the rewards and blessings that should come with the hard work, the investment, and the years of education required to own and operate your podiatry practice.

If you are one of the many who have attended some or all of our Top Practices Summits in the past, Register, and book your hotel and flights to Las Vegas NOW -this will take this already extraordinarily successful conference to an entirely new level.  I promise and guarantee it.
If you have never attended the Top Practices Summit in the past, I have the same advice for you -register now.  Last year we had a waiting list for the conference and turned some people away - we have a larger (and beautiful) space this year, but we WILL SELL OUT.  We only do this once a year and you will have to wait until September 2013 to attend after we close registration. 

If you are a Top Practices Mastermind Member, YOU KNOW that of all the meetings in 2012 -THIS IS THE ONE INDESPENSIBLE MEETING FOR YOU AND YOUR STAFF and that you need to be here.

IF you are not a Top Practices Member, then this meeting is just as important for you.  Without it you simply do not have access to everything you need that Top Practices offers at this intensive level.  And if you are unable to become a Top Practices member because of your location (there are exclusivity reasons geographically for some people) this is the one Top Practices program that is open to every practice on the globe.  Top Practices is committed to improving and supporting the ENTIRE PROFESSION of podiatry and this is one way we are able to accomplish that goal.
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