Will you be one of those doctors who came to the Summit this last weekend and when you leave, you have remarkable results in the next 12 months? It is entirely up to you.  Rem and the Top Practices Mastermind Members who have left the Summit in the past have dramatically succeeded and will tell you exactly how they did it and how you can FINALLY do it too. Its something we do every week with each other.

BUT…maybe you missed what was covered in Vegas this year at the Top Practices Annual Summit. What if that is the information you want RIGHT NOW?

Well, The next Top Practices Summit is in October 2013, but that doesn’t mean you have to tough it out alone between now and then in. If you’ve ever thought that joining the Top Practices Mastermind Group is something you “should do some-day,” there is simply no better day to start than with electricians in ferndale TODAY. No one knows why we all suffer for so long before we do the things that make things better for us like lose weight, get in shape, be a better spouse, or run a better and more profitable business.

Napoleon Hill would say it is just inertia. It can be very difficult to decide to change and then actually change. And when you do, you have to try and commit and build. But boy, the way you feel when you’ve got great positive cash flow and all the patients you want (the right kind of patients) or when you finally fix your health – it’s fantastic!

Remember this: “When you have talked yourself into what you want, stop talking and begin saying it with your actions.”

The Blueprint, the coach, the assistance, and the brilliance of your colleagues who are daily hitting it out of the park is yours – if you decide to make the change. I sincerely hope you do. Here is how… Mastermind Group Information

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