This year’s Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit sees the return of the Marketing Directors Workshop. Plan for it: Sunday, Sept. 14, from 8:30 – 12. It is impossible to overstate how popular this workshop was in Nashville at the Top Practices Summit in 2013.  This year, it has been dramatically expanded in length and scope. 

Top marketing directors from around the country will be working together and sharing how they accomplish their jobs – full or part time. All parts of this essential position and how to be successful will be the focus. We will be highlighting:

  • How to KNOW your Internet marketing is getting done correctly.
  • How to expand and improve your referrals from your referring sources.
  • How to manage your practice’s database like a pro.
  • How to evaluate and implement advertising and community based marketing.
  • How to get the rest of your staff on board and supporting your efforts.
  • How to work more effectively with, report to, and communicate with your doctor.
  • How to organize the practice’s marketing and know that everything is happening when it is supposed to.
  • How to break into large employers and institutions to develop new patients.
  • Answers to all of your questions.

There is simply no reason you should be struggling as a marketing director; and doctor, there is simply no reason you should be frustrated by trying to manage your marketing director. There are better ways to live and work, and there are plans to implement these strategies. They are working extremely well all across North America and Australia. You’ve just got to know what to do.

This session is for everyone, not just Marketing Directors.  Learn how this staff position can take your practice to the next level and fill your reception room with exactly the kind of patients you want.

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC
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