If your practice has more than three doctors and more than two locations, it’s no longer just a practice - it is a company.

As a practice grows, the complexity grows exponentially. This is true for all businesses and it can be a serious problem.  Revenues can soar, but so do costs and mistakes. Profits suffer. Customer service tanks.  The owners find themselves working harder than ever dealing with problems, unhappy employees, accountants, and lawyers, while making the same or less money. What used to be enjoyable becomes a never-ending grind.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Large practices – 3 to 30+ doctor offices – have very different issues from small practices. The old adage is: “The larger an organization gets, the dumber it gets – exponentially.” This is because accountability to individuals gets lost, plans are misunderstood, and expenses are not carefully managed. When your practice gets large, you are not a manager of a practice; you are now the CEO of an enterprise. And the skillset that served you well as a small practitioner will no longer serve you as a large enterprise.

Top Practices Summit Testimonial

Believe it or not, there are podiatrists who have not only survived this transformation, but also have thrived in it.  They have become Chief Executive Officers of their practices.  And most of them still see patients most days of the week. 

At the Top Practices Summit, Rem Jackson will be leading a workshop filled with doctors in multi-doctor, multi-office practices. They will be sharing how they pulled off this transformation without going back to school and getting an MBA. There are answers. There can be dramatically higher profits and “no drama” if you know how to do it.

Register now.

Learn how your fellow doctors have not only survived this transition, but now love it. The conference is rapidly filling up and registration will close this summer. After the cut-off date of August 20th, there will not be any rooms left in the hotel. Don’t miss this because you thought it could be done later. It can’t.  See you there.

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