The Keystone Idea

I live in Pennsylvania, the Keystone State. In my neighborhood, there must be 500 actual keystones in arches above windows, garages, doors – everywhere. It’s on my driver license. They’re everywhere. Without the keystone, everything would crumble to the ground.

Keystones are the central supporting element of an entire structure.

Is it possible that you could focus on one or two Keystone Strategies in your practice and have dozens of less essential strategies and tactics begin to come together automatically? Could there be Keystone Strategies to enable your practice to thrive in a future with hospitals acting like “The Borg”, gobbling up everything in their path with Obamacare at the center?

The answer is yes.

There are two keystone strategies that, if implemented, would enable you to not only survive the next five years, but actually thrive.

They are:

1)    Comprehensiveness of Care, and

2)    Differentiation

These two strategies are keystone strategies because in order to implement them correctly, the other strategies and tactics must be employed in order to succeed. They are the central supporting element in the plan to thrive as a practitioner, not just survive. When implemented, the supporting strategies and tactics cascade below them to build the entire structure.

The Top Practices Summit is built so that you and your staff can clearly understand how to install these systems into your practice. The conference materials are organized as a “Playbook” that you will take with you back to your practice. This Playbook is one of the most unique and popular features of the Top Practices Summit.  These systems can be reviewed and implemented over time. They key is to start and to move as quickly as possible to completion and then move on to the next system.

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