No one goes to war without a battle plan, and no business starts a year without a development plan. This includes your practice, doctor. Here’s the catch: most doctors have little to no business planning experience or skill. This isn’t your fault—it’s just not normally taught to you before you go into your practice. The problem is that you are then lacking some of the tools you need to reach your goals. As a response, Top Practices is taking the incredible success of last year’s Summit and the opening Goal Review Workshop and expanding it to a full-day business and marketing development planning course.

This isn’t just you sitting in a class listening to speakers tell you what to do, though. That’s not nearly as helpful as actually working directly with you on your own development plan and goals—which is exactly what this course entails. Here’s what you can expect from this massive second day of Summit. This session will be discussing:

  • Business and marketing planning skills. Every attendee will leave with a fleshed-out business and marketing development plan and understand its implementation.
  • An analysis of your practice’s strengths and weaknesses. We will help you identify your unique strengths and weaknesses so that you can develop a plan designed to improve the quality of your practice management.
  • Outstanding ideas we use ourselves that have grown Top Practices. We’ll share some of the ideas that have enabled Top Practices to grow in in high double-digits these last 12 months.
  • Specific strategies and tactics employed by the top practices in the country. You’ll hear from some of these top practices about what has enabled them to succeed the way they have.
  • How to achieve growth with the Top Practices’ Four Pillars of Marketing. We’ll spend the afternoon in sessions on employing the Four Pillars, so you can evaluate and implement future “battle plans” for success.

The whole workshop is huge and features a unique and unprecedented design:

  • This session actually begins four months before the conference opens. Participants will be working directly with Rem in workshops throughout the summer reviewing all facets of their business development. This includes budget, marketing plans, and practice management plans, so you and your practice can put together a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals and succeed in 2016.
  • All attendees will be seated with other professionals that function in similar roles within other practices. Doctors will be seated with other doctors. Marketing directors will be paired with other marketing directors. Practice administrators and other staff members will meet with other administrators and staff. All of these groups will be working together to complete their high quality goals for 2016.

We can’t wait to get started. Early Bird registration is still open through the end of May, so don’t miss your best chance to sign up! Register online today. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask—just e-mail us at [email protected].
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