“Attending the Top Practices Summit Literally Transformed our Practice. There is Simply No Other Way to Describe it.”

 - Melissa Lockwood, DPM & Sam Fowler, Office Manager Heartland Foot and Ankle, Bloomington, IL

Sometimes the answers we are seeking to our problems and frustrations come to us like a hard knock on the head, and, sometimes, they come more slowly and subtly. Regardless of how those answers come to us, what we choose to do with them is what differentiates those who succeed from those who don’t.

Melissa Lockwood, DPM & Sam Fowler, PMACDr. Melissa Lockwood, podiatrist and founder of  Heartland Foot and Ankle in Bloomington, IL  and Sam Fowler, PMAC, her office manager, knew that they needed to know more about how to market their practice, but they weren’t sure how to start.  

Then in May of 2012, they received a flyer in the mail telling them about  the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit that was taking place in Las Vegas. The fact that Rem Jackson, CEO of Top Practices, was offering two and a half days on the topic of marketing was something they had known about before, but when they heard it was in LAS VEGAS - they were sold.

Attending the Summit was Practice-Changing

The Summit was like nothing else they had ever experienced. It was a high energy, information packed program  – it was a life changing moment for them, both professionally and personally. 

The conference explained step-by-step exactly what Top Practices teaches it’s members:

  • How to set and actually achieve goals
  • How to drastically improve their practice marketing,
  • How to manage their practice more effectively
  • How to grow their practice into the profitable practice they wanted it to be without increasing their stress levels
  • How to execute and get things done quickly


Melissa and Sam had already been working on their goals and plans, but the Summit helped them focus and intensify them.

At the Summit they not only learned from other successful members and inspiring speakers, but they also worked to develop their own game plan. 

Melissa and Sam wrote down their own top three goals for their practice (which seemed astronomically high at the time), and thought that if they could hit those, it would be amazing. It would change everything for them and give them the growth, revenue, and profits they needed to build the practice into what they wanted it to be. 

They joined Top Practices right then and there at the conference. The Top Practices mindset aligned with what they knew they wanted to achieve, and they knew they wanted to be there.

And the goals they had written down at the Summit? They blew them out of the water: they booked a 38% increase in new patients over 2012 and 48% in collections over 2012. 

Month over month they’ve continued to grow. 

When they walked out of the Summit in Vegas, they left knowing that they wanted to come back the following year to show what they could do. After achieving such success with their marketing goals, in 2013, they returned to the Top Practices Summit as Marketer of the Year contestants. They shared their methods of success and wowed the audience with their spectacular presentation. 

The success that Melissa and Sam experienced may seem unattainable, but their story can be yours. It all depends on you choose to do.

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” – Napoleon Hill

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Tyson Franklin 07/19/2014 06:50 PM
I have to agree with everything Melissa & Sam are saying about the Top Practices Summit. My first summit was last year in Nashville and prior to attending I already had a great podiatry business, however since the summit it is now even greater then I had imagined. It is amazing how one conference can change the way you think and behave about your business and to be in a room full of positive podiatrists was something I had never experienced before. When I left Nashville I immediately blocked out the dates in my diary for the 2014 summit in Arlington. There was no way i was going to miss the next one. If you're thinking about attending...stop thinking about it and just do it.
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