Managing a private podiatry practice is no easy task. A lot goes into making management efficient so everyone does their jobs effectively—the doctor is supported, patients receive great care, the schedule stays on track, no tasks or information gets lost, and payments get collected properly. The problem is that most doctors don’t have any management training. As a physician, your schooling goes toward learning how to treat patients, not run a business. This leads to doctors running into several common management problems.

  • Managing a Medical Practice EffectivelyOrganization and protocols – Vague instructions and non-specific ways of executing tasks or organizing the office quickly leads to lost papers and inventory, missed tasks, dropped balls, and general disarray. An efficient office needs to be organized and have specific systems and protocols in place to make sure every task gets done and done properly. Otherwise you’re wasting time and potentially losing money.
  • Staff fulfilling their roles – Your staff have specific roles in your office and tasks they need to complete. If they don’t know exactly what their roles are, however, or haven’t been trained well enough, they can’t properly fulfill their roles. Training on systems, protocols, and roles is absolutely key for managing your staff.
  • Communication in the office – Communication is key, but it can easily break down. Establishing clear instructions and specific avenues to clear up misunderstandings is key to everyone understanding what needs to be done, as well as how to handle it when miscommunications happen.
  • Hiring the right people – Finding the right employees who will work hard and invest in your practice is crucial. They can be the difference between your office merely surviving or thriving. Knowing how to hire these people will require time and training for you, as well.
  • Maintaining staff motivation – Staff need appropriate wages so they don’t have to worry about finances, but that’s not their sole motivation. In fact, that’s not going to motivate them to get better at their jobs. Proper motivation means knowing how to provide your staff with chances for development and adding meaning to their work.

There are plenty of other challenges to managing a private podiatry practice, particularly in today’s world of ever-changing documentation requirements and big shifts in reimbursement models. Know you’re not alone in dealing with these issues—and more than that, there are answers to your problems.

This is why Top Practices established the Virtual Practice Management Institute (VPMI). This program is designed to bring podiatric professionals together with experts in the medical management field to help you learn how to transform your own practice. With a vast library of resources and personal coaching and mentoring, it may be exactly what you need to grow your dream practice effectively. Contact Top Practices for more information on the VPMI program by calling (717) 725-2679 or by e-mailing [email protected]
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