Hi, everybody. It's Rem Jackson from Top Practices.

Last year, I had a wonderful thing happen in my life. I became an author and I wrote Podiatry Prosperity, which is a book written entirely for podiatrists, and actually, even if you're attorneys or other kinds of professionals, this book is really written for you. But I named it Podiatry Prosperity because I didn't want podiatrists to wonder if this book was for them. And it is for you. And since that time I've had hundreds of people communicate to me about how much value they've gotten out of the book. And, you know, all of the marketing principles of Top Practices are in the book, the four pillars of marketing, goal setting, really getting organized, but even more, it's about building that mindset that makes you strong and makes you prosperous and helps you flourish and thrive.

So if you haven't, I can't imagine why, but if you haven't picked up a copy of my book yet, you can come to the Top Practices website and get it, you can buy it on Amazon, but for goodness sakes, treat yourself to something that will help you make your practice and your life better.

Thanks very much. Top Practices is dedicated to your success. Take care, stay safe, and I'll talk to you soon.


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