The three most important words in marketing are nurture, nurture, nurture. That means staying in touch with those people who know you like you and trust you. Those are your patients active, inactive, really inactive. Anyone that's ever requested any information from you, anyone that's in your database, and the best way to do that is to simply send them a monthly newsletter.

Yes, it's still the best idea going. Newsletters are wonderful and they can't just be focused on podiatry because that gets repetitive and boring. There just have to be interesting, engaging articles so that someone actually looks forward to and opens the email that you send them. Or checks it out on social media, wherever you distributed, whether you mail it, handed out in the office, handed out to referral sources.

This is a vital tool that really good marketers understand. And it just works. Here's the thing about it: Month after month after month, and it needs to be monthly. It can't be quarterly. It can't be semi-annually or once a year, there's no continuity that's built unless you do it monthly - each and every month. And when you do that, you begin to develop a relationship and you nurture those relationships with those people that matter so much to you. The issue is, it's hard to do month after month after month.

So what do we do at Top Practices? We do it for you. We send you a completely designed, ready-to-go newsletter. We then work with you to customize it any way you want. And love it when you add your own photos, your own information, it's the best when we do it together, but we take all the headaches away and just say done set, ready to go. Our artists, our writers are the best. We've been doing this since 2006.

It works. So, call the number on the screen or send us an email. Find out more. We will help you get this done and your practice numbers will rise.