Is Google ignoring your website? Appearing well in the search rankings is absolutely vital for successful internet marketing, so if Google is ignoring your site, your marketing isn’t working. Now, search engines rank a website high or low for a variety of reasons. One of the factors they value that can make a difference for your site is the presence of quality content.

Why Your Content is Key

Search engines bring up results for users by choosing information they consider to be valuable and relevant to the search. They evaluate your website to determine whether or not you have anything people want. If you don’t have plenty of quality webpages, blogs, videos, or anything else considered “content,” you may find your website banished to page two of Google—where almost no one will find you. The quality of the information you provide is also the factor that keeps people on your website and makes them more likely to contact your practice when they have problems.

So if content is key, how do you make the most of it?

You fill your website with information that actually benefits your patients and potential leads. Creating a wealth of information that brings people to your practice does take time, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to master the art of repurposing without stitching.

The Secret to Creating More

Repurposing is a great way to maximize your content and your energy, and it can be a valuable part of any content strategy. It involves taking something you’ve previously created and changing its format or adjusting the target audience to make something new. That way you are able to create more quality content from the information you already have, as well as potentially reach new groups of people. Top Practices members are encouraged to repurpose their content all the time, whether that means using a webpage to create a video or infographic, or reformatting a blog for an e-mail. It could even involve rewriting a blog about athlete’s foot for seniors to produce one for moms who are concerned about their children.

How to Kill Your Quality

What repurposing is not, however, is stitching. Stitching involves copying multiple snippets of content from elsewhere and mashing them together to create something “new.” This could be taking paragraphs from other articles or blogs, or it could even be copied from your own content library. This practice doesn’t add anything new for your patients—actually, it creates duplicate content. Technically, it’s plagiarism. Google penalizes this heavily.

You Can Succeed on the Internet

The key takeaway is this: you need quality content on your website. Repurposing helps you bulk up the information you provide while maintaining a high quality. Stitching simply mashes together previously written information, or words and ideas stolen from others, to add extra pages to your website. While repurposing can help you improve your website overall, stitching can bring down punishment from search engines. Top Practices has a variety of resources to help our members succeed in this important area of marketing. If you have questions about how Top Practices could help your internet and content marketing, you can find out how we work with our members through the Top Practices Marketing Mastermind group.  You can also call us (we have all the answers!) at (717) 725-2679, or email us at [email protected].

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