Podiatry marketing is all about communication. Everything boils down to your ability to communicate with current and potential patients in the right way. For a lot of communication, this means—you guessed it—writing. This makes most doctors and many marketers nervous. Typically you don’t go into medicine because you loved to write articles and papers in school. It can be challenging to write blogs, articles, e-mails, and more that are effective for your marketing.

Well, we’ve heard from one of our members about the success she has seen in her blog writing over the last several months, and since we’ve been sharing more success stories lately, we wanted to highlight it! Lynn Chapman is the marketer for Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City with Dr. Rion Berg. They have been Mastermind members since 2012.

Lynn was struggling with writing blogs, so she brought it up with me (Rem), wondering if there was anything that could help her. I actually have a copywriting course, called the Copywriter’s Workshop, where I go through the basic rules of effective copywriting, so I recommended it to her. With just a little bit of learning through the course and some practice, Lynn’s blogs have changed and really started to take off:

“It’s helped primarily with the blogs. I started by coming up with a hundred titles that I can work off of. Now I can go ahead and write something when I just need ideas. I’ve definitely increased writing speed on some topics, too. Now I use a conversational title and tone, and include pictures. I hadn’t realized the importance of title itself before, either.”

Several blogs have gotten a lot of hits by making the title catchy and the tone and information fun and easy to read. Lynn has also looked to other’s blogs to see what makes them work well and what doesn’t, which has helped give her ideas for other topics.

Lynn and Dr. Berg are now seeing the fruits of investing in their online marketing—between improving their content and getting some positive online reviews, they’ve seen double the number of patients coming to them from the internet in the last year.

Congrats, Lynn and Dr. Berg, on the success of your internet marketing. We’re glad to see it! If you do your own writing like Lynn Chapman and want to know more about the Copywriter’s Workshop, or you’re just looking for ways to boost your internet marketing, let us know. We’re happy to help you. You can call (717) 725-2679 or e-mail [email protected] to connect with us.
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