Dr. Dock Dockery

I have invited Rem Jackson and his team members from Top Practices to be on the faculty of several meetings presented by the International Foot & Ankle Foundation for Education and Research. They always do a fantastic job of getting their point across and are able to show how important proper marketing is to a medical practice. Additionally, Rem Jackson is a great motivational speaker which makes the presentations even better. 

Dr. Dock Dockery 
Director, International Foot & Ankle Foundation




Janet Simon, DPMI approached Tina Del Buono to be a presenter for the New Mexico Podiatric Medical Association’s annual conference in 2016 which was a very positive experience. Tina is self-directed, and with basic input from me, she planned out a full day’s medical staff training program along with an additional physician presentation that received high ratings from the attendees. Tina’s direct experience in managing a podiatry practice lends practicality to her presentations that is immediately recognized by all. She is generous with her time and sharing of knowledge. NMPMA invited her back in 2017 where she was co-presenting to physicians and practice managers and again received high satisfaction ratings from attendees. I would recommend Tina as an educator but also as a practice management consultant without hesitation.

Janet Simon, DPM
Executive Director, New Mexico Podiatric Medical Association




The Michigan Podiatric Medical Association, the Indiana Podiatric Medical Association, and the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management have all featured Rem Jackson as a motivational and marketing speaker.  In every case, Mr. Jackson has been a dynamic speaker that keeps the audience engaged.  Based upon the feedback and the requests to have Rem return, his presentations are the right messages for today’s successful, practicing podiatrist.

Derek Dalling
Executive Director, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management



I am fortunate to have been in a position to hear Dr. Peter Wishnie speak on a variety of topics on multiple occasions. Each time without fail, I ended up with several action items to bring back to my practice. This even applies for lectures that I've heard before! Dr. Wishnie is an articulate lecturer who knows how to deliver his material in a manner that is easily understood for both the new and seasoned practitioner.

In my role as Education Chair of the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management, I have had the pleasure of engaging Dr. Wishnie to speak at our national conferences. He always comes with new topics that are highly relevant to the medical practice. This draws from his years of developing and perfecting his own practice over the years. It is difficult to find someone so open to sharing their own secrets of success, but Dr. Wishnie never hesitates.

I highly recommend Dr. Peter Wishnie to anyone seeking to enhance their organization's educational program.

Andrew Schneider, DPM
President-Elect and Education Chair, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management



From the time I invited him—and you must understand, I deal with a lot of various speakers from all over North America generally—he was very, very flexible and easy to work with from the outset. Because some individuals can be very difficult. But the communication was just flawless. It was friendly, it was accommodating, and it made my work so much easier. […] And most of the participants asked me to invite Rem back to speak to them again, because they said they really walked away from the presentations with some incredible information that they feel will help them. To sum it up, it was exceptional presentations that had my audience spellbound.

Dr. Hartlet Miltchin                                                                                                                      Past President, Ontario Podiatric Medical Association