“Podiatry Prosperity may sound like a very niche book, but once you open the pages and absorb the knowledge, you’ll find that it can be transposed to any medical practice or any business. Using the information and guidance in this book, you can learn how to market and grow your practice. It’s filled with important life lessons, including goal setting and how to reach your personal goals to attain success. It’s a must-read for anyone who owns their own business and wants to reach the highest level of achievement.”

Benjamin W. Weaver, DPM
President, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management, Wichita, Kansas


"I highly recommend Podiatry Prosperity. This book is your guiding light for developing and running a successful podiatry practice at any stage. It’s a book that you’ll return to again and again as you implement the strategies and see your practice grow and become more successful. Just as important, it will help you develop your resiliency, a much-needed life skill for practicing medicine in this challenging time."

Victoria L. Melhuish, DPM
Carson City, Nevada


“For any podiatrist new or old, this book is like a resident’s primer—a concise, definitive guide to marketing success. It’s not only applicable in podiatry but in any medical field or business. I thoroughly enjoyed how it’s written with an easy, step-by-step guide with quick-witted action plans and stories that matter. I highly recommend this book.”

Sanjay Patel, DPM
Milford, Connecticut

"Fifteen years ago, I sat in a Northeast Philadelphia Wawa parking lot, drinking coffee while talking on my flip phone to a guy named Rembrandt. We’d never spoken before. The purpose of the call was to see if we might start a mutually beneficial relationship between Rem and the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management. We had a workshop in Baltimore just a few days away. We arranged a meeting between our leaders and Rem, the man who would help positively shape the direction of our beloved Academy and its members’ practices. If you’re looking for a straightforward, fun, and engaging method to bring scores of patients to your practice, you must read this book. Every time you see Rem, he has a new book that is a must read—he has read every great book on positive thinking, business and practice management ever written. Now, he has added to that elite library with Podiatry Prosperity: How to Market, Manage, and Love Your Practice."

Bill McCann, DPM
Past President, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management, Concord, New Hampshire

“Your job is not to be a podiatrist. Your job is marketing a podiatry practice.” With that simple but profound sentence, Rem Jackson changed everything I thought I knew about being a successful podiatrist. His methods, though seemingly simple and almost obvious, have helped transform my practice—and we have seen and documented exponential growth in the last seven years. Now, he has written a book outlining exactly what it takes be successful in these increasingly challenging times. For any podiatrist (and most other medical professionals) trying to survive and thrive in today’s troubled times, this book should have a space on your desk and in your library."

Scott L. Schulman, DPM
Indianapolis, Indiana

“The principles and strategies found in Podiatry Prosperity are enduring and have withstood the test of time. They are just as relevant today as when Rem Jackson first introduced them in 2007. I know from personal experience that if you follow Rem’s Four Pillars of Marketing, your practice will be guaranteed success and will thrive.”

Jenny L. Sanders, DPM
San Francisco, California


“Podiatry Prosperity will ultimately guide and influence you in ways you can only imagine. My journey with Rem and Top Practices started in 2009 when I hired my first associate. Now, ten years later, we have four physicians and a nurse practitioner working in a 6,800-square-foot office. This kind of growth was made possible through the marketing lessons and coaching provided in this book. This book is a special gift to our profession.”

Jane E. Graebner, DPM
Delaware, Ohio

"Owning, operating, or working for a podiatry practice can be hard, lonely, and even unrewarding. Loving it is harder yet. Thriving in such a practice personally, financially, and spiritually seems, to many almost impossible. But to Rem Jackson, these are the things of his every day work and life. In Podiatry Prosperity, he discloses a lifetime of learning, from teaching to helping podiatrists to achieve success in all aspects of their practices and their lives. This book is real, proven, and practical strategy and advice. It's not just what to do; it's how to do it. Get this book and thrive."

Dave Frees
Attorney and author, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania


“Podiatry Prosperity lays out the principles to follow when marketing your podiatry practice. These fundamentals have been tested and refined over many years to bring you the latest and best techniques to use. Rem Jackson has defined the way marketing should be. Following these principles and ideas can be an asset to any practice”.

Harvey Danciger, DPM
Palm Desert, California
"Rem Jackson has been on a mission to improve the lives of podiatrists for over a decade. Podiatry Prosperity encourages you to think and visualize the type of practice you really want—one that works for you, rather than you working for it. It’s not just a book about building your practice; it’s a book about building your life."
Tony Abbott, Chiropodist
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
"Rem Jackson teaches effective and consistent marketing tools that will take your practice to whatever level you desire. He teaches time-tested business concepts that anyone can apply. There are always obstacles in private practice, but Rem will show you how those obstacles can be overcome by a change in mindset. Podiatry Prosperity is a must-read for those podiatrists who wonder how to thrive in private practice instead of just treading water."
Kevin F. Sunshein, DPM
Dayton, Ohio

"I’m proud and grateful to know Rem Jackson. Time and time again, I’ve witnessed Rem leading doctors to increased wealth and happiness. Initially, success is clearly defined. Once defined, Rem provides direction to stop doing certain things and start doing what it takes to be successful."

Robert Blaine, DPM
CEO and Founder Blaine Labs

"I’ve been a coaching client of Rem Jackson’s, as well as a member of Top Practices, for over ten years. Podiatry Prosperity is a must-read for every podiatry student and practicing podiatrist in the country. Rem’s sage advice has changed the course of my life and will change yours, too, if you choose to listen."

Marybeth Crane, DPM
Grapevine, Texas


"Hooray for Rem Jackson! He’s hit it out of the ballpark with this book. In trying to learn marketing for my practice of twenty-nine years, I always had to resort to books written by dentists, chiropractors, and medical doctors. There’s never been an extensive book about marketing and productivity for podiatrists. This book is long overdue for our profession. Don’t put this book on your shelf, expecting to read it later. Open it up right now, and when you’re finished, go back and re-read it while taking notes. Leave this book on your desk to refer to anytime you need help. The information within is priceless, and it will help you make more money while being more productive."

Peter A. Wishnie, DPM
Director of Physician Programming, Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute, Piscataway, New Jersey

"Fantastic work from a fantastic man who has personally helped me wade through some very difficult waters in my practice. If you internalize, act on, and execute only a fraction of what Rem offers in this book, it will revolutionize your practice!"

Eric Williams, MD
Baltimore, Maryland

"The ideas and personal inspiration gathered from Rem Jackson have been immensely helpful, not only to me, but to my patients and support staff as well. Mr. Jackson has and will continue to have a positive influence with the release of his book for the podiatric and other professions for many years to come."

Lawrence Kales, DPM
Bayonet Point, Florida

"Rem Jackson lives, eats, and breaths podiatry marketing, and Podiatry Prosperity is a testament to all the years of hard work that he’s put into helping podiatrists own and operate more successful and profitable podiatry businesses. If you only apply part of what you read in this book, your business will be better for it. But if you apply the whole book, it will change your thinking, life, and podiatry business forever."

Tyson Franklin, Podiatrist
Cairns, Queensland, Australia


"Rem Jackson has been guiding recently graduated and established podiatrists into the new age of marketing for many years now. His lectures, written word, and hallway hoedowns have enlightened all and led to many ultra-successful podiatric practices. Rem loves life and all its amenities, and it shows in his ability to guide those of us in need of podiatric practice management skills."

Charles Greiner, DPM
Portsmouth, Ohio
"Rem Jackson could have easily named this book The Secrets of Success instead of Podiatry Prosperity. If you wonder why some practices succeed and others fail, this is the book for you. Rem outlines in a straightforward, easy-to-read format the principles that each practice needs to take. I’ve seen Rem turn average doctors into highly successful practitioners. If you want to be successful and would like to begin the journey making your practice what you have always dreamed of, this book is the place to start."
Jeffrey Frederick, DPM
Past President, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management and Executive Vice President, NEMO Health

"Rem Jackson is a marketing guru. He has personally transformed my practice over the past six years with these exact techniques and methods. This allowed me to build the practice I want, not the one I have to accept. This book will become an annual must-read for me as it should for any podiatric entrepreneur who wants to grow and enrich their practice and their lives. Well done, Rem!"

Melissa Lockwood, DPM
Bloomington, Illinois

"Rem Jackson is the real thing. What you see and hear is what you really get. He’s one of the most genuine, caring people that I’ve had the opportunity to work with and to know as a friend. Time and time again, when I speak with the physicians and staff who’ve worked with Rem and Top Practices, they sing nothing but praises and sincere gratitude for how he puts them first and wants the best for them and their practice. We are blessed that Rem landed in the podiatry field and has invested in growing our profession with ethical standards and high integrity."

Tina Del Buono, PMAC
Director, Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute, Santa Rosa, California

"Rem Jackson is a fixture at podiatry conferences across the country. A master communicator, he’s able to break down the nuances of marketing a medical practice and present them in such a way that every attendee walks away with an action plan. In Podiatry Prosperity, Rem packages the enthusiasm he has on the stage and brings it to the page. Readers will be entertained by this easy-to-read book but will also find themselves going back to refer to the many pearls of wisdom ready to be immediately implemented in their practice. I highly recommend Podiatry Prosperity to any practitioner looking to explode their practice and embrace their success."

Andrew Schneider, DPM
Houston, Texas

"In Podiatry Prosperity, you’ll learn how to grow your practice by using clearly defined marketing pillars. This deceptively simple formula has allowed my financial and operational performance to improve year over year! Rem Jackson and his program have transformed my practice by providing a roadmap and the key actions needed to build my practice through great marketing. Everything I do to continue to grow my practice is supported by the solutions in this book."

Craig Thomajan, DPM
Austin, Texas