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This resource is provided to the members of the Top Practices Mastermind Group. As you scroll down the page you will see that the library is divided into sections (in Orange). In each section you will find documents and recordings that will help you get a Quick Start on achieving your marketing goals and objectives.





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  • August 2015 Newsletter We're just stating the facts: The Top Practices Mastermind Group Library is the most comprehensive resource ever developed for podiatrists who want to grow their practice .
  • July 2015 Newsletter How would you like Practice Management Experts to mentor, coach, train, and guide your staff into becoming an A-Team? Learn more in this month's Top Practices newsletter!
  • June 2015 Newsletter In this month's newsletter, Rem Jackson explains why you should all just get lost (in order to start achieving success)!
  • May 2015 Newsletter Time is running out to register for the Top Practices Summit at the lowest prices! October will be here before you know it, but May 31st will pass in a flash!
  • April 2015 Newsletter The Top Practices Summit is your battle plan to succeed in private practice! Register before the deadline and save $200 for The Top Practices Summit in Denver!
  • March 2015 Newsletter If you're not meeting with other goal-oriented professionals, you're heading for an "Amtrak Derailment" in your head. Learn what this means for your practice in this month's newsletter.
  • February 2015 Newsletter In this month's newsletter, Rem discusses the difficult environment many podiatrists, many professionals, are facing when trying to grow their practices.
  • December 2014 Newsletter If you're like many professionals, Yelp has given you trouble at some point in time. In this month's newsletter, Tom Foster discusses whether Yelp is worth your time.
  • November 2014 Newsletter In this month's Top Practices newsletter, learn about the presentation that earned Dr. Jane Graebner the title of "Top Practices Marketer of the Year", and more!
  • October 2014 Newsletter It’s hard enough to find good people, so make every effort to retain them for a long time - see inside this month's Top Practices Newsletter!
  • September 2014 Newsletter The Top Practices 2014 Summit may be over, but you still have time to access the Summer Goal Setting Workshop before it's too late! Also - we all make choices every day that impact our mindset. What choices are you making?
  • August 2014 Newsletter At Top Practices, we really love the ladies! This month's newsletter explains why podiatrists can focus their marketing efforts on the female population, & more!
  • July 2014 Newsletter This month's newsletter discusses how can you survive the Affordable Care Act. Also inside: How the Summit is life-changing & 3 SEO words that mean you're being scammed!
  • June 2014 Newsletter This month we dive into our Virtual Marketing Director Services, and how they can help you, the top four ways to fix a broken practice, and more!
  • May 2014 Newsletter The Top Practices May Newsletter delves into how to use your books and other free resources to successfully market your podiatry practice online, and more!
  • April 2014 Newsletter It's time to transform your practice. This month's newsletter delves into what you can expect to experience at the Top Practices Marketing & Management Summit.
  • March 2014 Newsletter How do you control who walks through your door? It depends on your Mindset and your Marketing Strategy. Also inside: Top Practices' newest marketing book!
  • February 2014 Newsletter Worried about how the Affordable Care Act is going to affect your practice? You're not alone. Get control of your life by creating and accomplishing your goals.
  • January 2014 Newsletter Looking at the new year ahead of you, have you set goals for the growth of your practice? What steps will you take this year to achieve the success you deserve?
  • November 2013 Newsletter Google has rolled out another change, and this one is big. Do you know what it is and how the Hummingbird search algorithm update affects your online marketing?