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  • September 2016 Newsletter What’s the difference between the successful practices and everyone else? Learn that, and more, within this month's Top Practices newsletter!
  • August 2016 Newsletter Do you know who owns your name and your company's domain name? Rem Jackson provides tips that will save you pain and frustration down the road. Read more!
  • July 2016 Newsletter We know healthcare is changing. So be it. What's not changing are your opportunities to succeed. Learn how you can grow your practice beyond your wildest dreams!
  • June 2016 Newsletter Wondering why anyone want to follow you? In this month's newsletter, Rem Jackson dives into what it means to be a leader and have a following in your office.
  • May 2016 Newsletter If you know what you’re doing, the BIG changes coming with Value Based Medicine can actually be good for you. Learn how in this month's Top Practices newsletter.
  • April 2016 Newsletter In this month's newsletter, Rem Jackson discusses the extremely important things you might be missing in your every day life, as well as why you should make sure you attend this year's Top Practices Summit!
  • March 2016 Newsletter Announcing the 10th Annual Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit! Find out the conference details here!
  • January 2016 Newsletter Get some wisdom from the land down under and learn how you can exceed your wildest dreams in 2016 and beyond by truly thinking about your future in this month's newsletter.
  • December 2015 Newsletter Rem Jackson doesn't have a crystal ball, but he can predict what is going to happen in your practice next year! Read this month's newsletter to find out more.
  • November 2015 Newsletter Learn what four important responsibilities you should keep and what to delegate to others in your practice in this month's Top Practices Newsletter!
  • October 2015 Newsletter What's Inside: Rem's "Tree Guy" says he's going to divorce him, Leslie Morrow explains how easy it can be to send your newsletter, and more!
  • September 2015 Newsletter In this month's newsletter, Rem Jackson discusses the one thing that can GUARANTEE your success, and the "online dating" of web marketing.
  • August 2015 Newsletter We're just stating the facts: The Top Practices Mastermind Group Library is the most comprehensive resource ever developed for podiatrists who want to grow their practice .
  • July 2015 Newsletter How would you like Practice Management Experts to mentor, coach, train, and guide your staff into becoming an A-Team? Learn more in this month's Top Practices newsletter!
  • June 2015 Newsletter In this month's newsletter, Rem Jackson explains why you should all just get lost (in order to start achieving success)!
  • May 2015 Newsletter Time is running out to register for the Top Practices Summit at the lowest prices! October will be here before you know it, but May 31st will pass in a flash!
  • April 2015 Newsletter The Top Practices Summit is your battle plan to succeed in private practice! Register before the deadline and save $200 for The Top Practices Summit in Denver!
  • March 2015 Newsletter If you're not meeting with other goal-oriented professionals, you're heading for an "Amtrak Derailment" in your head. Learn what this means for your practice in this month's newsletter.
  • February 2015 Newsletter In this month's newsletter, Rem discusses the difficult environment many podiatrists, many professionals, are facing when trying to grow their practices.
  • November 2014 Newsletter In this month's Top Practices newsletter, learn about the presentation that earned Dr. Jane Graebner the title of "Top Practices Marketer of the Year", and more!