Being a doctor is more challenging than ever. It’s harder and harder to serve your patients and turn enough of a profit to live the kind of life you want to live. Doctors everywhere are feeling overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, and just plain frustrated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This is where Top Practices can help you. You can have a successful practice, be financially stable, serve your patients well, and have free time again.

Since 2007, Top Practices has worked shoulder to shoulder with our podiatric practices to:

  • Fill their reception rooms with the patients they want to see through our innovative and comprehensive marketing programs
  • Manage their practices well so that they can end the oppression of the never ending tsunami of charts, paperwork, operational responsibilities, and staff and leadership challenges

Learn more about our ground-breaking programs to discover how we can help you, too:

Mastermind Group 

The Mastermind concept has been at the core of Top Practices since the beginning. We’ve seen time and time again that “two heads are better than one.” Together, our podiatry members have been able to envision creative solutions to problems and challenges they would not have considered on their own. The potential here is staggering. In some cases, it has completely changed the way our members have marketed their practices.

This creative masterminding has allowed our members to flourish and grow at every stage of their medical careers. Young doctors have been able to benefit from the experience of older ones. Senior podiatrists have been able to benefit from the energy and fresh outlook of doctors just starting out. Big and small practices alike have found they can modify and adapt ideas to work in their unique situations and locations.

Podiatry Practice Newsletter Program

Doctor, you don’t have time to put together a newsletter. And yet, this is an incredible tool that helps you retain and grow your patient base. Every month we put together an excellent newsletter that you can customize for your office. Then you are able to send electronic and physical copies directly to patients.

Effective Products and Services (will link to products & services page)

We have many other products and tools available to our members to help them improve their marketing and grow their practices. Beyond our exclusive members-only resource libraries, we also have additional programs and tools, including our 18-Step Book Campaigns, Copywriter’s Workshop, our Mindset of Successful Professionals program, and more.

Practice Management Institute

This program is headed by two experts, Peter Wishnie, DPM and Tina DelBuono, PMAC, XT, currently working in the podiatry profession who deal with practice management on a daily basis. Their coaching, the special practice management mastermind group, and a practice management library are all available resources to help you master your office’s management systems and protocols.

Annual Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit

Every year, Top Practices hosts a highly anticipated podiatry summit for podiatrists and their staff to meet other professionals and learn from the very best in their field. Several hundred podiatrists, their marketers, and other members of their staff attend every fall to learn from and share with each other.

Top Practices does so much to help podiatry professionals meet their goals and build the kinds of practices they want. If you have questions about any of the Top Practices marketing programs or services, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (717) 725-2679.