Rem Jackson to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award and Is Inducted Into the PM Podiatry Hall of Fame

Rem Jackson, CEO and Founder of Top Practices, a company that serves podiatrists worldwide in their marketing and management, will be inducted into the PM Podiatry Hall of Fame in Salt Lake City, Utah this July at the American Podiatric Medical Association's national convention.

He launched Top Practices in 2007 to enable podiatrists to build their practices through the marketing and management principles Top Practices teaches. In that time, hundreds of doctors and their staff have benefited from his programs and voted Mr. Jackson into the prestigious Podiatry Hall of Fame. It is a rare honor for a non-podiatrist to receive this honor.

Writing in Podiatry Management Magazine, Dr. Andrew Schneider of Houston, Texas said “Rem is more than a businessman. Top Practices is more than a business. Together, they are out to change lives. In that mission, they have succeeded."