Sometimes it feels like time flies by, but a decade is still a long time to have the privilege of working with podiatrists and witnessing them achieve amazing growth. Many of our members have been with us for the majority of the last decade, attaining their goals and remarkable successes. As a part of celebrating our 10th Anniversary here at Top Practices, we're highlighting some of those amazing, long-term, high-achieving members—like Dr. Kevin Molan.

Dr. Kevin Molan has been a practicing podiatrist since 1985, and has seen many changes in the field over the decades. By 2010, however, he felt like he was “on that hamster wheel,”Kevin Molan, DPM cranking through patients as much as he could without achieving the collections or goals he wanted. That year he heard Rem Jackson speak at a seminar in North Carolina:

“When Rem was talking about target marketing, that made perfect sense to me. So I wanted to join Top Practices so I could get the right patients in the chairs, versus whoever just shows up through my door.”

After that seminar, he joined the Mastermind group and immediately began to implement some changes. “[W]e refocused our marketing, not really significantly, but just enough. And then suddenly we have [more] ingrown toenails, heel pain, bunion surgeries, and suddenly went from a $100 visit to a $500 visit. So, we're seeing the same amount of patients, probably, but we're just making that much more money.”

The changes to Dr. Molan's practice marketing made a big difference, transforming the dynamics in his office and increasing production. The difference in his bottom line and ability to achieve his goals was significant, even in that first year—his collections jumped up to 1.3 million, and have stayed at that level consistently in the 6-7 years since then.

Dr. Molan has done more than just make a few changes to his practice's marketing, though. He also began to invest in his practice management, much to the excitement of his office manager, Lena.

“[Masterminding] was helping me a lot, but when I was giving things to my office staff and office manager to do, they were struggling a little bit, because they were not trained as much as I needed them to be...” At Rem's suggestion, Dr. Molan joined the Virtual Practice Management Institute, and his office manager enthusiastically dove straight into the program and its many resources. “Now, she is transformed from just a office staff member [acting as] the office manager to the true office manager of the practice. She is just transformed. It's incredible.”

Seven years is a long time to stick to something, but Dr. Molan and his team are still finding new ways to grow. In fact, he wishes he could have had Top Practices and the Mastermind group in his life even sooner: “If I was first in practice, and I'd just started my practice, I would immediately sign up for Top Practices. It would be no hesitation. Because I look back, at—you know, I've been in practice for many years—and if I'd had these resources back then, it would have made my life a lot easier to get to where I am right now.... When you join Top Practices and you follow their direction, there's no way you could fail.”

We're so excited for Dr. Molan, his team, and all they have accomplished over the last seven years—and we can't wait to see the new heights they're able to reach in the years to come as Mastermind members! If you're a podiatrist and you recognize that “hamster wheel” feeling that Dr. Molan had back in 2010, know you're not alone. You can make the changes you need to transform your practice in the one you want it to be. We've seen it time and time again with our members from all walks of their lives and careers.

If you're ready to take that next step to grow your practice, or even just curious about what that looks like, contact us. We'd love to talk with you more and answer your questions about how marketing and management can make a difference for your growth. Simply e-mail [email protected] to reach us today. 
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