Myths are everywhere. Some are simply urban legends, while others are outright hoaxes, but you’d be surprised by how many people accept popular myths. Just take a look at your social media. People end up sharing over-the-top articles thousands of times. That’s why websites like Snopes and shows like Mythbusters exist. Well, there are plenty of myths in marketing, too, particularly when it comes to newsletters. It’s time to bust a few myths you might still believe about using a newsletter to market your practice to your database.

Myth #1: No one reads or wants a newsletter.

People who sign up for your newsletter—and yes, they do—are interested in what you have to say. They want to know more about your staff and office, offers you might include, community information you provide, additional interesting articles, and yes, even information about their feet. Plenty of Mastermind members have highly successful newsletters that their patients enjoy.

Myth #2: I can send a quarterly newsletter and that’s enough.

The problem is that people will forget about you between your quarterly newsletters. When you send one out monthly, people don’t have as long to forget about you, and they have something to look forward to more regularly.

Myth #3: I don’t need a printed newsletter—people are all electronic nowadays.

Here’s the problem: most people’s inboxes are jam-packed with other things. Your newsletter will get lost in the crowd and forgotten about. A print version, however, sits around on a counter where it gets seen and even picked up by others.

Myth #4: My podiatry newsletter should only have articles about feet to bring patients in for foot problems.

Articles exclusively about feet get boring fast. Having an article or two about common foot problems, prevention tips, and general care is important, yes. Too much more than that and people will get bored. Remember, you’re writing to real people with other interests in life. Speak to their many interests!

Myth #5: It doesn’t matter what my newsletter or e-mail looks like.

People do judge by appearance. Few things turn people off more than an ugly e-mail or newsletter. If the colors clash, the art is bad or cheap-looking, or the articles are poorly organized, it will get trashed without a second thought. Make sure it looks nice.

Newsletters could be one of your greatest marketing tools if you know how to do them right. Give up on these myths and start working on a truly fantastic and effective practice newsletter. If you’re one of the many doctors who feels they don’t have time to do this on our own, Top Practices has a podiatry practice newsletter program that can customize and complete the whole process for you. Just ask us for more information by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling (717) 725-2679.
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