I’ve been a student of success for most of my life (isn’t everyone interested in the topic?), but I’ve only been a serious student for the past 8 years (2 years before I started Top Practices, which is no coincidence). What I’ve discovered, for myself, is that while everyone wants to be successful, VERY FEW of us actually do much about it. I’m not going to talk here about people who think the world owes them something; I’m not going to talk here about losers. If you are reading this blog, you don’t fit that category. Losers wouldn’t even get past the title of this blog.

I’m talking to you.

You are already successful. You’re making a living; you’ve got a family, friends, maybe even a dog or a cat. You have hobbies. Life is pretty good. BUT, your life also has too much stress, worry, time management issues, paperwork management issues, and cash flow woes. You know it could be better. You see colleagues at conferences and it certainly seems to be better for a few of them. In your community there are people who you know who seem to have figured it out. Who are these people?

They are Winners

Very few of us are really and truly winners. Most of us are “phoning it in” and doing OK. Most of us, however, feel like something is “missing” in parts of our lives. Most of us feel that if we could just accomplish one or two big things (fill in that blank for your own life) we could be less stressed, more at peace, less reactive, and more proactive. But we really don’t make any changes that enable us to actually make progress and achieve what we want. The reason for this is that life is not so painful for you that you are ready to do the work it takes to change. Have a heart attack and you are really ready to change. Lose your job – time to make a change. But, for most of us, we just can’t stay focused long enough to break the old habits and build the new.

And Winners All Do The Same Things

The winners I am talking about are the few of us (less than 2% of the population) that make up their minds that they are settling for nothing less than “everything.” They accept no limitations. They reject negativity and they can stay focused on what they want. Folks, I can tell you they get 100% of what they want. Keep in mind that you can’t simply decide to win the lottery – that’s just chance. I’m not talking magic here. This is the key thing they all know:


They all (ALL!) mastermind with other winners. They surround themselves with other people who can stretch them, teach them, and recalibrate what they can vision in their lives. They keep connected to other winners and sustain themselves through the ups and downs of life. Browse the website to see how the Top Practices Mastermind Group can empower you to accomplish everything you want.


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