I want to continue talking to the small practice doctors in particular. As time passes, the complexity of owning and operating a medical practice is actually increasing. Obamacare, Hospitals, Insurance Companies—virtually every player in our lives is making it harder. But you don’t have to let them sink your practice. You can succeed if you make the changes you need to make to become number one in your market. This won’t fail—it can’t fail.

It can’t fail because you actually do have a choice; you get to choose how your future is going to proceed. Nobody can block you from what you choose. Nobody. Not your partner if you have one, not your spouse, not the President of the United States—nobody….except you. Yes, things are getting more complex, especially for you small practices out there, but the single to 5 doctor practice is going to survive.

Their Weakness Is Your Opportunity

Think of these huge networks around you as big, fat trolls who are 30 feet tall. These trolls are big and dumb and as they eat, there is food dropping all around them. You can just hold out your hands and eat your fill from what they drop from their big ugly hands.

The bigger an organization becomes, the dumber it gets. These large hospital-based entities are terrible at marketing. They are inefficient and frustrating for consumers. You CAN be in direct competition with them and if you are managing well and marketing well, you can easily build a successful independent practice simply by focusing on what they are missing.

The pendulum ALWAYS swings on things like this. Very soon the stories about unhappy patients and the big, BIG problems with these giant networks will swing the pendulum the other way. Then the stories and speeches you will hear (FROM THE SAME PEOPLE predicting your demise today!) will be about how the small or solo practitioner is now the way of the future and the renaissance of the small practice has begun. Mark my words: I said this in August of 2013 and now again. This isn’t the end.

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