It’s hard to overstate what an exciting time it is to be working in the field of podiatry. More and more awareness is being brought to footBrad Schaeffer health and why taking care of your feet is so important, and at the forefront of it is the TLC show, My Feet Are Killing Me. Drs. Ebonie Vincent and Brad Schaeffer are bringing podiatric issues to the attention of millions of Americans each day, and it’s about time! Dr. Ebonie Vincent practices in Orange County, CA while Dr. Brad Schaeffer works with none other than our very own Dr. Peter Wishnie at Family Foot and Ankle Specialists in Piscataway, NJ. A typical episode follows each doctor as they diagnose and treat patients with various types of foot ailments. From uncontrollable toe fungus to bunions the size of golf balls, these doctors have seen it all.

Many people feel embarrassed by their foot problems. They may lack confidence and might even avoid or put off going to see a podiatrist because they feel so ashamed. My Feet Are Killing Me is designed to show people that foot problems are normal. So normal, in fact, that over three quarters of the population will suffer a foot ailment that needs treated by a podiatrist. Most of these issues are treatable, but early detection and intervention are absolutely essential. With a show like My Feet Are Killing Me podiatry is being brought to the forefront. Potential patients are able to see that they aren’t as weird as they think they are and their foot problems are very normal, which is good news for us! Marketing to potential patients will become even more important as folks come to you with ongoing and persistent foot issues that they’ve been avoiding dealing with.

Brad and PeterOne of the things Dr. Brad does quite well is connect with his patients on a human level. When someone goes to see a podiatrist it’s because things are bad enough that they know only a doctor can help them. They’re often scared and frustrated and in a lot of pain. Putting a patient at ease while simultaneously making them feel confident in your skills as a podiatrist is a very fine balance and it’s one that is worth perfecting. If you haven’t already we recommend checking out an episode or two of My Feet Are Killing Me. It’s a great show and you might even get a tip or two for your own practice.

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