Who is Dr. Andrew Schneider?

Dr. Andrew SchneiderDo you feel like your practice is going in circles and you just can’t seem to find “that one thing” that you’re looking for? Dr. Andrew Schneider, podiatrist in Houston, TX first saw Rem speak in Dallas several years ago, and knew that Top Practices was what he had been searching for and needed. Joining the Top Practices Mastermind Group has been transformative both personally and professionally.

As Dr. Schneider became more involved with Top Practices, he began to view Rem as a true coach. He never misses a coaching call and values every minute of his time that he has. As a Top Performer, Dr. Schneider is able to speak more frequently with Rem and masterminds with some of the very top practices around the country.


What will I learn from Dr. Schneider at Summit?

This year, Dr. Schneider will be sharing a stage once again with Tom Foster, founder of Foster Web Marketing, who is viewed as one of the best minds in internet marketing. Dr. Schneider loves marketing his practice on the web and is excited for the opportunity to help his colleagues with their web and social media presence.

“There is always something new to learn, especially at the Top Practices Summit!”

As an avid reader of Jim Palmer’s informative and compelling books, Dr. Schneider is especially excited to hear him give his Keynote speech. Jim will be highlighting the use of newsletters, which, let’s face it, we all have an opportunity to improve!

“Whatever your challenge is, marketing or management, this is the place to be!”

Dr. Schneider is also greatly anticipating hearing fellow Top Performer, Dr. Peter Wishnie, speak at the Summit. We sometimes let our practices run us, rather than the other way around, and Dr. Wishnie provides first hand, colleague to colleague experience that everyone can benefit from hearing.

“I can’t wait to pick up new pearls from Peter!”

Finally, Dr. Schneider warns attendees only to discount the Marketer of the Year competition at their own risk! He can fill a notebook with the number of ideas he gets from sitting in on the competition.

“The Marketer of the Year competition is where you can learn actual strategies, what’s been tried and has been successful, making you ready to implement them on Monday!”

The Top Practices Summit the one opportunity this year to mastermind with hundreds of innovative, driven podiatrists like Dr. Schneider in person. Join us October 4, 5, and 6 in Nashville, TN for this year’s conference.

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