It is true that Top Practices works with the…well…Top Practices in the US and Canada. In fact, some of the most successful practices in the profession are long-standing members of the Top Practices Mastermind Group. And it is true that some of those practices are multi-doctor, multi-million dollar practices.

Here is what I need to clear up – many of them are not big multi-doctor groups. And by many, I mean most.

The Top Practices Group is called Top Practices for a Reason

The Top Practices Mastermind Group (the core of how I work with our practices) is not called The Big Practices Group. Some of the practices that have achieved the highest growth in the last year (over 20% growth in a 12-month period) are single doctor practices. And a percentage of our Top Practices are new practitioners (less than three years in practice). We call the group Top Practices because this group of doctors is achieving its goals and is highly successful AS THEY DEFINE IT. In some cases, it is defined by the numbers; in others it is related more to enjoying the profession and stressing a lot less about running the practice (and everything in between).

The Best Time to Put a Top Marketing Plan into Place is the Day You Open Your Office; The Second Best Time is Now

Here is my list of the true qualities you will need to join Top Practices:

  1. You are not willing to accept having a practice that is just doing “OK” in your mind. You now know you really want to have a practice that works for you and not a practice that you work for. In other words, you are ready to change and grow.
  2. You are willing to roll up your sleeves (with resolve) to take the steps your peers (that is what the Mastermind Group is) and I tell you to take, to fix your challenges once and for all.
  3. You will get engaged and liste to the very specific advice and strategies you hear – make your own informed decisions – and TAKE ACTION. The abtility to JUST TAKE ACTION is a key to succeeding.
  4. You are interested in living a professional and personal life that you consider to be filled with success and abundance (however you define it). It is OK to not be sure what that is right now, but you’ve got to be interested (intensely interested) in figuring that out for yourself (with help from me and the group).

It is also OK to be worried about spending more money. Everyone is. Folks. It is the quintessential business conundrum.

“I hate spending money, because I don’t have enough, but EVERYONE tells me I need to spend money to move forward.”

Every Top Practices member feels this way – so does every business owner. When your cash flow is positive and healthy, you never have to feel this way again. That is my focus for the group, every hour of every day.

So big, small, solo, multi-doctor, rural, urban, new, veteran, had success in the past, struggling now, worried out of your mind – whatever, Top Practices IS for you if you meet the criteria above.

I feel better now that I’ve cleared that up.

Rem Jackson
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