For a medical professional looking to grow his or her practice and bottom line in today’s challenging environment, excellent and efficient practice management is a must. That’s why the Top Practices’ Practice Management Institute (PMI) program exists. It’s an opportunity for top-of-the-line coaching, mentoring, and training while hearing and learning from other like-minded doctors and their teams. But what’s the PMI Mastermind group and mentoring really like—and is it worth it?

Expert trainer, mentor, and PMI coach Tina Del Buono works with the PMI group members every week and gets to hear, first hand, how the open calls and robust resource library benefit practices. She happily shared some great insights into the program and how it’s helping doctors and their teams all over.

Once a week, Tina hosts open PMI calls. Open calls are a chance for members to speak with both their coach and other office managers to hash out issues they may be experiencing. One such open call allowed an office manager to learn about implementing new guidelines for staff cell phone use during working hours. As Tina explained, “They had not had this problem before and therefore did not have a policy regarding cell phone use.  It was so great because each of the other office managers shared how they developed their cell phone policies and then how they implemented [them] with the entire staff.”

Another open call hour allowed one doctor to discuss a specific situation with a patient that had caught her staff off-guard and caused a lot of confusion. “The doctor put her entire staff on the call and together we talked about ways that the situation could have been handled.  At the end of the call, we together came up with a good plan for their office and scripts to use with their patients for situations like this.”

One of the other benefits of the PMI program is its secure resource library that doctors and their staff can use at any time. One physician told Tina he sets aside an hour of training with his staff each week to look over the library resources and go through the training modules at their own pace. That way his team is able to discuss how they can apply what they’re learning to their own practice. The office manager at another practice shared that she doesn’t have time to look at the resources during normal working hours, but she enjoys watching the quick informational webinars from the library while she cooks dinner at home!

If you’re at all interested in a way to make your practice more efficient and empower your staff to do their jobs even better, the Practice Management Institute is for you. The program is designed to meet you and your team where you already are and help you move forward at your own pace. If you’d like to learn more, check out additional information on the website, or contact us directly! You can call (717) 725-2679 or use our online request forms.
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