Hi everyone, Rem Jackson. 

Listen, let's talk about a tough subject, and that is online reviews. The fact is, it isn't fair. Especially if you're a medical practice. People can anonymously review you, and say anything that they want with no repercussions at all. And oftentimes, a lot of difficulty getting these removed if not having that be impossible. And on top of that, even when they do that it's very hard for you to respond. 

You must respond, there's an appropriate and very specific way to do it so that you 

a) don't get into a battle with someone which you will always lose, but 

b) you have HIPAA restrictions that require you to not reveal information. 

So, your hands are tied. What do you do? The answer is: You just get a whole bunch of five-star reviews. The way to do that is in your office every day at Top Practices we have methods that help our practices just generate great online reviews across all the different places they need to be reviewed. And we have some digital tools that allow us to help you get those reviews as well. See, if you've got a 100 five-star reviews and one really, really bad review nobody cares. That's how we win the game, that's how we beat an unfair system. At Top Practices that's just the piece of our overall Four Pillars of Marketing system.

So, stop by the website. You can give us a call at this number. You can send us an e-mail, we'll be delighted to talk to you and see if we can help you get that all straighten out. We're dedicated to your success at Top Practices. And have yourself a great day.

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