Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Wishnie and I'm right here at the Red Rock in Vegas. We spent a lovely two days with 10 different offices. We being Rem Jackson, Tina Del Buono, and myself. Teaching in a mastermind of 10 wonderful practices, a total about 14 people, on how to run your practice efficiently, effectively without actually working harder.

We talked about staff issues and how to handle staff issues. We talked about how to get your associates to produce more, and actually we had some great ideas on how to increase revenue. And also how to have your significant others work with yourself. So you too can be on the same page and have a great life.

If you've never been in a mastermind, it is time to get involved with a group of people, like-minded people,  positive attitudes, especially during a pandemic. Think about it. People are traveling. We were totally social distancing and wearing our mask. But we were just thinking about growth and we didn't, not about shrinkage. We weren't shrinking our practices.

We didn't think about hiding and hibernating inside a cocoon. We thought about growing and constantly growing our practices. So we will be doing this several times a year and the next time, please join us for a wonderful two days right here in Vegas, to help you grow your practice.