One of the things that we teach the doctors who work with Top Practices is that testimonials, the words of the people they have helped, have great power and meaning to others. The truth of the matter is no one really believes what we say about ourselves. They only care about what other people, who have no vested interest, say about us.

For instance, consider what Dr. Marybeth Crane has to say about working with our team at Top Practices. She cites that working with my team at Top Practices has changed her practice. She felt like she was on a hamster wheel trying to handle more patients than she could possibly see.

Since she began working with Top Practices over three years ago, Dr. Crane has become more protocol driven, target marketed and has more of the types of patients whom she wants. She is also spending more time with her kids, making more money while spending less time working.

The team at Top Practices can help you develop a marketing plan that will help you become the doctor and/or professional that you want to be.

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