"You know, I recently heard people who are in marketing say that utilizing books in a marketing campaign doesn’t work. I’ll tell you something. If someone says that, that means they don’t know. They haven’t tried it. Because, think about yourself: When you’re trying to understand a topic or a problem, you want answers. You want answers that are going to help you understand what it is that’s keeping you up at night. Of course people are going to come to your website, they’re going to access your information, they’re going to see your data, and this is critically important, but on your website, on your social media, in every possible venue that you are advertising, you only ever want to make two offers. The first one is: Call us to make an appointment to come in to see us so we can examine you and help you. Two: Request our information. When people have something of value, which is a book, that they can request from you, what happens is they give you their contact information so you can send them that book, and by the way, not just an electronic format, but an actual booklet that shows up in the mail, to their home, so they can take their time and review this information. When you do that, you will see that over time now know who they are and we can market to them in what we’ll call a conversion campaign. A campaign that, over time, converts prospective patients into patients. Because they’re making their decision over a long period of time, we want to be able to reach them where they are as they go through that decision making process. When you make an offer like a book, it’s got a high-perceived value, very low risk because we offer them at no cost, and now we can market to them until they convert. When you make this kind of an offer, instead of looking at one or two percent as a good return on a marketing investment, over time we see 20% and more, just because we stay with people as they’re trying to make that decision."

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC