Yes. Yes, that's right. The appointment's at 1:30. We look forward to seeing you and the doctor will be able to answer all the questions you have regarding that procedure. All right, bye-bye now.

Hi, it's Tina from Top Practices Practice Management. When patients or prospective patients call your office, are they getting all of their questions answered? Especially regarding procedures or products that you may offer? That's what happened with that patient. They were interested in one of the services that we offer and I was able to explain it to them and schedule them an appointment and invite them to come in and talk with the doctor and get all of their questions answered.

Frontline Phone Coaching CourseWell, Top Practices Practice Management has a new online course, going to be done in a Facebook group, which is great because you can ask questions and get answers and it's all for $97 starting August 13th. The next session is the 20th and the last session will be the 27th.

Not only will these be live sessions where your staff can ask questions, but also they will have PowerPoints that they can download, and a handout to go with it so that you can continue to train after the course is over. If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected] or click the link below and get registered.

I look forward to seeing you and your staff at our new frontline coaching course. Bye-bye.

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