Hi everybody, Rem Jackson here. And I'm here to talk to you about something that just is not fair: online reviews.

Online reviews are not fair. We don't know who leaves them and we don't know why they do what they do and yet they are one of the primary ways that people make decisions about what doctor they're going to, what lawyer they will use, what account they use, what restaurant they go to, which hotel they stay in. It's astounding how much we rely on anonymous reviews and it's even harder for doctors because you have restrictions related to HIPAA that don't allow you to address some of the concerns that might be on those reviews directly because you have confidentiality requirements that you have to abide by.

There is a way to get those reviews better and it's simply this: work every single day in your practice to generate five-star reviews across all of the different platforms that you can get reviews. If you and your staff are trying to provide the kind of service that generates five-star reviews, and you have a process and system to get those reviews, then all of a sudden you will be the person that has the most best possible footprint online for your online reviews.

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