At Top Practices, we are always discussing the importance of having testimonials included in your marketing plan. The things that other people say about us have great power and meaning, especially to new clients or patients. Here is one such testimonial on how our company transformed the life of a doctor.

Dr. Andrew Schneider will tell you that working with Top Practices has been a transformative experience. Since joining Top Practices, he has changed how his practice operates as well as his attitude about his practice, his patients, his business and his family.

"Our (Top Practices) conference calls are not to be missed," said Dr. Schneider. "It's a highlight of my time. It's a highlight of my week."

He also said that his family is happy when he is on one of those calls, because they know that Top Practices has made him a better and happier person.

The team at Top Practices can help you become the doctor and/or professional that you want to be by helping you implement a highly effective marketing plan for your medical practice.

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